Massage Services

A Deep Tissue Massage is for when you are experiencing tight muscles that are causing you pain and limiting your range of motion.  It also helps with chronic pain and when recovering from surgery or an injury.


$50.....30 minutes / $75....60 minutes / $112....90 minutes 

A Swedish Massage increases blood flow throughout the body, reduces stress, enhances sleep and boosts the immune system.  This type of massage does not work out knots.

$50.....30 minutes / $75.....60 minutes / $112.....90 minutes

A Therapeutic Massage is a combination massage of both a Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage. 

$50.....30 minutes / $75.....60 minutes / $112.....90 minutes 

An Oncology Massage is for people who are currently in treatment for cancer as well as those who are cancer survivors.  Different modalities will be used including Swedish, Craniosacral, and when appropriate, scar tissue work can be incorporated.  Due to my own cancer battles, I know first hand how beneficial an Oncology Massage can be. Pressure can be light and nurturing or deep and therapeutic.  

$75.....60 minutes 

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