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"I have been seeing Janice weekly for about three months for Craniosacral Therapy.  It has been nothing short of life changing....Craniosacral Therapy has been incredibly healing and calming.  I no longer feel like I am constantly in a fight and flight mode" - Alex P

"I started seeing Janice a couple of years ago because of chronic migraines, neck and should pain. Her therapeutic massage techniques have worked wonders in relieving my pain and lessening the frequency of my migraines. I can't recommend her practice enough!" - Jennifer R

"Simply amazing person and experience. I am sure to return again and become a regular client....I have to recommend her Craniosacral Therapy as well.  I found it to be the perfect compliment to her massage work" -  Eric A

"When I moved from Las Vegas in 2016, I was so heart broken that I had to leave my regular massage therapist behind. I thought I wouldn't be able to find another whom I trust can do what I need to get done. I found Janice through Google, and I have been a regular ever since. She is amazing and she will take care of you" -  Charlene B

"Went in yesterday for a pain in my arm and shoulder. Janice was fabulous!! She quickly figured out where the root of the pain was coming from and spent the next hour working out the kinks. I feel so much better! Will definitely be using her again for my other aches and pains" -  Elena C.

"She did an amazing job helping my wife be comfortable during the last few months of her breast cancer.  Janice is truly a professional and worth every penny" - Chris O

"She gives an awesome deep tissue massage which is great for neck and shoulder pain due to sitting in an office all day. Her deep tissue massages are also awesome for working out muscles knots due to weight training and playing sports" - Daniel P.

"Janice is easy to reach via email or text message" - Eunice V

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